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St. Lawrence Institute
for the Advancement of Learning

P.O. Box 307
N.D.G. Station
Montreal, Quebec
H4A 3P6


The St Lawrence Institute was founded in 1980 as a non-partisan charitable organization devoted to the advancement and dissemination of knowledge and information. We are not affiliated with any political party or piece of legislation and do not proffer a polit-ical or sociological doctrine. Our philosophical outlook is based on respect for individual liberty, the value of ideas, the rule of law and free enterprise. We are committed to these principles, believing that their survival -- and the survival of nations based on them -- offers us the best hope for peace, order and prosperity. We aim to promote public debate, in the highest sense of the term, and counter the misinformation and manipulation of public opinion that occur in culture, politics and education. We strive to provide a forum for Canadians to engage in genuine civic discourse and to encourage educational programmes and projects that provide a better understanding of Canada's political, economic and cultural heritage. As a non-profit organization, the Institute exists on donations from private sources. Tax receipts are available on request, and will be automatically issued for donations over $10.
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Discourse is published biannually by the St Lawrence Institute. An open forum of debate, Discourse encourages the contributions of all its readers, whether these are articles for publication, questions, or suggested subjects of interest. Those interested in contributing to the Journal should read the Call for Articles first and then contact the Editor to discuss their proposed submission.

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